Insect Pressure Rises

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ROCKVILLE, Md. (DTN) — As June starts to melt into July, summer insects’ favorite buffets are in season: fields of growing crops. Soybean fields appear to be at the top of the menu this month, with a growing number of agronomists and farmers reporting sightings of soybean gall midge, thistle caterpillars and Japanese beetles in soybean fields in the past week. SOYBEAN GALL MIDGE Soybean gall midge is a relatively new insect that has been Continue reading

DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends Mixed Moves in Retail Fertilizer Prices 3/27/2019 | 8:37 AM CDT

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By Russ Quinn, DTN Staff Reporter Original Article can be found here: OMAHA (DTN) — Retail fertilizer price movement continued to be mixed the third week of March 2019, according to retailers surveyed by DTN. This marked the fourth week in a row in which at least some prices declined. Prices for half of the eight major fertilizers were slightly lower compared to last month. DAP had an average price of $509 per ton, Continue reading

Listen to the Land – 11 Farm Ugly 3/25/2019 | 10:25 AM CDT

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By Elton Robinson Progressive Farmer Contributing Editor Original article can be found here: Robby Bevis didn’t decide to chuck his farm-management plan and get closer to nature on a whim. It took some convincing by friends and finally a commitment to let plants and biology tell him how to manage the crop. The transformation began back in 2012, when former college friends working with the Natural Resources Conservation Service started telling Bevis about the Continue reading

ISU updates crop pest management publications

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Original Post Here:   As 2018 was winding down, Iowa State University Extension specialists were gearing up, publishing eight pest management guides for the 2019 growing season. Several of these guides are downloadable, for free, from the ISU Extension Store. The materials can help you establish a balanced integrated pest management strategy for all your weed, insect and disease pests. The guides include the following: • Iowa Crop Performance Tests – Corn 2018 (CROP 3148) Continue reading

Helping beginning farmers find land Farmland Access Bootcamp will be Feb. 9 in central Iowa.

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Original Article Here:   Finding land to farm can be an enormous stumbling block for new farmers. But you can get a leg up on your search by attending a one-day course. Part of a multiyear project led by Minnesota-based Renewing the Countryside, in partnership with Practical Farmers of Iowa and other regional organizations, the Farmland Access Bootcamp will provide beginning farmers with a comprehensive overview of land access strategies, tools and resources, and Continue reading

2018 Prospective Plantings by State

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View Full Article 2018 Prospective Plantings by State Topics: Crops 4/5/2018 According to the USDA 2018 Prospective Plantings report, total planted soybean acres are estimated at 89 million acres, down slightly from last year. Total corn acreage is expected to be 88 million acres, down about 2% from 2017. Wheat and cotton acres planted are expected to increase 3% and 7%, respectively compared to 2017. Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska are expected to lead the way Continue reading

November 2017 Crop Production Report

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Crop Progress ISSN: 1948-3007 Released November 6, 2017, by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Agricultural Statistics Board, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Corn Harvested – Selected States [These 18 States harvested 94% of the 2016 corn acreage] ———————————————————————— : Week ending : :—————————————–: State : November 5, : October 29, : November 5, : 2012-2016 : 2016 : 2017 : 2017 : Average ———————————————————————— : percent : Colorado …….: 84 31 50 76 Continue reading